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Where in the world can we vacation and ring in the new year? As it's Nov now, we're terrible at planning.

Ideally, travel is flexible and could be Dec 26 to Jan 12. I'll be in DC and he'll be in NorCal for Christmas.

We're saving our pennies for a spring trip to Asia and I'd like to keep it under 2k total (waaay under if possible but that's max).

We've both traveled extensively--combined, we've hit all the continents and major cities in the US.

He loves hiking. I like hiking. He loves taking photographs. I love high places. We both love all kinds of foods, especially seafood and craft beer. He likes to camp. I like bubble baths. We both also desperately need to relax as I'm working on my dissertation and he's working some important football thing in Feb.

We originally thought Hong Kong to ring in the new year but pushed that to spring for our Asia trip. Then we thought Yellowstone as we both had not been but too cold?

Thanks for any suggestions! :)
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We were just looking at flights to go back East (from CA) for Xmas and fares alone are murderous during the holiday blackouts. Start with Kayak and plug things in from your respective airports, then narrow it down from there.

You could fly into SFO and then drive up to Sea Ranch if you can find a decently priced rental place. Very, very chill, lots of places to walk and hike.
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Would you consider the Oregon Coast? My husband and I went to Depoe Bay a while back, and it was fantastically beautiful. I can recommend Channel House Bed and Breakfast and Tidal Raves restaurant. The weather will be temperate (not warm), you'll be able to hike, watch the ocean, and beer -- well, it's Oregon! The bathtubs at Channel House are out on the private balcony -- draw a hot bath, throw in your bubbles and listen to the ocean. Amazing.
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What's wrong with Hawaii? It's but an airport away most likely.
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It isn't hilly, but Martha's Vineyard is zen and peaceful and great to photograph that time of year, though it will be cold. Off season hotel/B and B rates are nice though, and enough restaurants stay open that you could put a nice little, peaceful trip together. There will probably be a few NYE events, you might even bump into me and mine at one.
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If I keep coming on here recommending Sayulita, Mexico I'm seriously going to have to start getting a commission from the Sayulita Travel Bureau. But, really, Sayulita. You didn't particularly mention beach or warm, but relaxation, hiking, high places, seafood, beer...check. Google it. Then go. For me.
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Great ideas, thanks all! We may do the Oregon Coast actually, prices are super reasonable (sadly, but not surprisingly, Channel House is full). But I've bookmarked all the other suggestions!
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