Making a book of Favorate Tweets
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There used to be a service that took your stared tweets, and make them into a book. I can't find it now and it would be awesome for all the family stories and comments I've saved over the years...

So a few years ago me+cousins used twitter like crazy.... so many notable jokes and stories and wit; I Favorited all the ones that were unique and really stood out. Now, few years later as we are all spreading apart, I'd like to capture all that in a less ethereal, digital form.

Back then there was a service that took your favorite tweets and printed them into a book; which was perfect! But I can't find it anymore :'( Anyone know of it? or have any other suggestions for ways to print/physically keep Favorited twitter messages?
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Was it TweetBookz?
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Nope; doesn't isolate favorite tweets and doesn't print tweets from people who replied to you/who you replied to/who you favorated. It's interesting though, thanks for the link!
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It sounds as if TweetBook handles favorites, and maybe Twournal does what you want with replies... perhaps you could just get two books instead of one? There are a few other Twitter-to-book services listed here.
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