sourcing Kim Deal ITALIA shirt circa 2005?
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trying to find information about the ITALIA t-shirt Kim Deal wore for some concerts around 2005. from what I can remember about it, feels like it was more of a one-off. but hoping some fans of football, and/or of the Pixies, can shed some light.

(bonus - to actually find a copy, in a size to be a gift for an 8 year old niece. otherwise, I'll try to print one myself in time for her next year's birthday.)

the shirt was more-or-less the correct Italy blue, with mainly white graphics.

center front ITALIA in white (but unlike the other graphics, this text also with black outline)

right upper front was what looks like ?a bat with outspread wings? but wings, if that's what they are, were asymmetrical. it's definitely not e.g. a typical puma or kappa or jaguar or lotto logo from that era.

upper left front was what seems to be a pretty typical tricolor fc italy logo.

back of the shirt, I believe, was 'Totti 10', which makes sense for the time. (if I end up printing the shirt myself, she probably won't care so much about the back. but still.)

thank you for any thoughts or suggestions!
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Looks like this is an image of her wearing the shirt, if that's a help to other sleuths.
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Actually, if you check out some of the videos linked here, you get some better looks at the shirt. It definitely does not say Totti--I think it actually says "KIM 01"--check out 5:53 in this video of "gigantic" which has a lot of shots of her. And 0:31 of Gouge Away.

At 1:58 of Gouge Away you can also see the bat wings pretty clearly.
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Another view.
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superb thanks to Adm. Haddock - amazing lightning-and-precision response.

I had been trawling through videos of the Pixies' acoustic 2005, but the 2005 Boston videos definitely have better shots of Kim. thank you.

agreed, reverse of the shirt most definitely reads:

so it had to be some kind of custom or one-off job. looks like I have some work ahead of me.
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I'd be really curious to know the story of that shirt now that I've seen it, but I agree that it had to have been a custom job. But why bat wings?

Does she have a twitter account you can message? Kelley seems to, but I don't see one for Kim.
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My guess is that may not be custom - it may be a good quality knock off - i.e. bought somewhere in the Far East. I've seen stuff out there that is high quality, likely off the same line as the original stuff, but the manufacturer has produced it with a notable change to the brand name or logo such that you'd know what the original brand was supposed to be but the vendor could claim they weren't selling you a Nike t-shirt or Levi's jeans. It might explain both why the logo is so obscure and also not particularly well designed.

Kim Deal is wearing a football t-shirt to all intents and purposes in very distinctive national colours. The only difference is the substitution of the Puma logo for the bat, if it is a bat. It's trivial to put the name on at the point of sale. As you note, the shirt isn't made by one of the usual suspects - Puma, Kappa or Nike - all of whom have produced shirts for Italian national sporting teams, nor Adidas, Reebok, Umbro, Fila, Lotto, Canterbury or Coq Sportif.
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