Your favorite monolight.
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I'm in the market for some monolights. I'm leaning towards Alien Bees, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm looking to hear of your positive or negative experiences with both them as well as anything you might suggest, as well as what mix of heads would work best for me. At the moment, I'm thinking two B800s and a B1600 (two 320w and one 640w) (or equivalent from another manufacturer) would be a good start.

"Money is no object" is going a bit too far, but I'm not so worried about cost. I'm looking for something with good power, consistent color temp (across a variety of units as well as over time), something that travels well, and for it to mix well with other units from other manufacturers.

Additionally, is it worth spending the extra $$$ for pro level units, ie moving up to the "White Lightning" series? I'm making some money with my work, but I doubt I'll be moving up to serious pro work anytime soon.

I'm looking to shoot things like this, mainly (self link). I have several monolights now, but they're pretty old, heavy, huge, and getting reflectors/grids is problematic.

I'm also hoping to do some outside work as well. Will the Alien Bees work well outside during the day?
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Response by poster: Sorry, Alien Bees....
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AlienBees are good. Einsteins are better (for a given value of better). True, you don't get the range in power - just the 640 model - but they're more colour accurate shot-to-shot, and more power accurate shot-to-shot (I've seen ABs vary by +/-0.5 shot-to-shot, and that can get frustrating at times).

Both Einsteins and ABs can be powered from the Vagabond battery units when outdoors.
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