Bankruptcy counsel recommendation in NYC
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I am filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New York City. Can anyone recommend a low-cost bankruptcy lawyer or other legal resource, since money is (obviously) limited?

My case is pretty straightforward. I want to keep my apartment - I have two years left on my lease and I am current on my rent. My apartment is not rent-controlled or stabilized. My lease also contains a bankruptcy clause, which I'm not sure is enforceable. The information I've found about affirming my lease and what I have to disclose to my landlord about my bankruptcy is contradictory and seems to vary widely by location, so this is where I need outside legal help. Thanks!
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You're not trying to discharge a debt for unpaid rent on your current apartment are you?
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If you call 311 you can ask for the Financial Empowerment Center. Its a government run program that does free credit counseling they might be able to point you in the direction of other free or low cost programs.
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Bankruptcy lawyers don't compete on price. Everybody charges the same. The fee is added to your repayment plan so you don't have to pay anything up front.
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