Where to find short term ESL work in South America?
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I am looking for short-term ESL volunteer or job opportunities in (Spanish-speaking) South America. Ideally 2-6 weeks, though longer is ok too.

I'd like to combine a couple of these jobs with some general travel and hiking for the first half of 2014. I have a CELTA and 1.5 years experience teaching English (to kids and adults) in Chile. My Spanish is decent but not great. The important thing is - I need places that offer room/board without a fee. I can't afford to pay to volunteer. A stipend would be great of course, but not necessary.

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Do you know about Dave's ESL Cafe? Probably, but just in case you don't.
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Response by poster: Yeah, thanks, I've been to Dave's but that's mostly longer-term work. I'm also looking at volunteersouthamerica.net, workaway.info, and idealist.org but I thought metafilter might have some more ideas for me.
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