Need to find something that will warn me I'm posting on a Public FB post
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I'm running Firefox and have greasemonkey installed. I need to find an addon, or script that will alert me to when I'm commenting on a Public post.

I know it's possible since there is already one that adds "and the NSA" to the hover text for how private the post is. The problem is that I just don't usually ~see~ that it's Public, and divulge things that I don't want seen by the general public. I usually notice ~after~ someone has responded or liked. I know I should just be more mindful, but since I've recognized the problem, I've still done it a few times. Any help would be appreciated. TIA.
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> divulge things that I don't want seen by the general public

Well, there's your problem. A post could be private when you comment on it, and then the person whose post it is can change the setting to public. Really, you just have to presume that everything you say can be read by everyone.
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There's a little icon on every post on Facebook that shows whether it's public or private. Just above the comment section is an icon of the world or a lock. World means it's public, lock means it's private. That's the easiest way to know if the post will be private or not.
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Response by poster: Yes, as I stated in the original question, I don't really ~notice~ that until a bit after I've posted. It's not that I don't know that it's there, I just don't notice when a friend suddenly starts posting things in public mode. Maybe there is no software that will do that, but no one here is talking about addons or Greasemonkey scripts. Maybe the question is unanswerable.
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i've long been working under the assumption that anything, whatsoever, that i post anywhere on facebook or any other public website, will be seen by the entire world, including my mother, employer, and future hypothetical wife and kids. i suspect this is the best, if not only, way to approach this conundrum.

how many times has facebook changed their privacy policies? anything along the lines of what you're searching for that works only encourages you to post something you may not want seen by anyone but a select group of people. but, anything which is private now, may be suddenly reverted to public at the drop of a hat, probably on someone else's page which is entirely out of your control. better to just not type anything out loud you wouldn't want forwarded to your boss, grandmother, the police, your opponent in a political campaign, etc etc
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Response by poster: While I appreciate the points that are being made ("It's the internet, nothing is really private." and "Just look at the indicator.") None of that really addresses my actual question, which is if anyone knows of an addon/extension/greasemonkey script that will warn me that I'm posting on a Public post.

Thanks anyway, everyone.
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Response by poster: And the answer is... There's NOTHING. Just so anyone looking knows that as of this date, there is no fix.
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