Language school in Beijing needs social media advice.
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Please help. I work for a language school that teaches Mandarin Chinese to foreigners inside China. We specialize in one month intensive teaching for beginners. We want to increase our social media presence and have some (even though we do say so ourselves) excellent stand alone ideas to do this. They are educational free formats that allow people to study Chinese online in creative ways. We don't know the best way to present them though. Should they be 'onsite' options through our main webpage,or would they be better served as stand alone entities with their own page and an affiliation to our main company website? Any thoughts and shared best practice would be greatly appreciated.
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When starting out and attempting to build awareness, it's never a good idea to dilute your efforts, in terms of sending visitors to your main site versus an affiliate site.

So I say keep them on your main company website (provided that the site has a good customer experience).

There is a lot to consider, notably the user experience and "conversion path", so it really does make sense to perfect one website first before launching another one.

In regards to social media, it's best to try multiple strategies and see which ones work.

YouTube seems like a no-brainer (is YouTube accessible in China? If not, which video sharing service are people using?) as is Facebook or a suitable counterpart.

We just worked with an online educational provider, so MeMail if you want more ideas.
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