I can't walk down the aisle like that!
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Does anyone know of seamstresses/tailors in or around Boston that do good work on wedding dresses? My fiance needs to get a wedding dress she bought altered, but isn't having any luck. Given the nature of wedding dresses, she doesn't want to just try some random place.
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Miller Studio is a high-end photography studio in Boston, well-known for their incredible wedding photography. They can probably recommend someone. I know them personally, and I would trust their recommendation implicitly.
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Congratulations on your engagement !

Is it ok to mention a family member's business?

My mother has been a tailor for over 40 years and she just opened her own place this past year. She does everything from wedding dresses/bridesmaids to mens' formal/casual wear. The shop is called Alpha Tailoring and is located in Waltham (32 Crescent St). You can get contact info in the telephone phone book & web or if you want to email me I can give you more info/directions.
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Doesn't the store where she bought the dress, or some other store, know of someone who does alterations?
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I've gotten regular tailoring done at Rizzo's in Harvard Square for many years, and Joe Calautti is exceptional. Senators Kennedy and Kerry both go there, FWIW. If he doesn't do wedding dresses himself, I'm sure he could give you an excellent referral in the city.

I'm actually in Walham nowadays, so I may stop by Alpha Tailoring to get some jeans done in the coming weeks. I'll let her know that eatcake sent me :-)
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VulcanMike, "eatcake sent me" will get you weird looks. You can try "Chris".
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I was just teasing... of course.
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