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I would love to read an LGBT blog that's more substantive than the usual fare of today's politics and pop culture. It could cover all kinds of topics, as long as it was through an LGBT lens. Ideal would be The Toast's LGBT posts with more male and genderqueer voices (but no less feminist). A close second would be something like Ta-Nehisi Coates' blog, written by someone queer. What's out there?

I've been to most of the blogs in this previous Ask, and many of them are great but I didn't find what I'm looking for. The best posts on Slate's Outward blog are pretty good, but the posts in between are (understandably) a little heavier on today's news than I'd like. Please tell me what I'm looking for exists.
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A paper bird
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Black Girl Dangerous has some pretty intense and fascinating blog posts by QPOC. I learn something new with each post I read.
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There is a blog by the lesbian fiction writer Ingrid Diaz. She writes mainly lesbian fiction books and is of coarse gay herself, but her blog is about all sorts of topics like tv shows, coffee, travel, etc.

If you google her name her website is the first to come up.
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