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I am trying to 'get my ear in' to Danish. Can anyone recommend some interesting, clear podcasts - largely or wholly - in Danish to help?

Basically I want the Danish equivalent of BBC Radio 4.

Interesting = comedy, pop culture science, social issues, politics (esp feminism), health (running, yoga, healthy eating), food.

Not interesting = economics, team sports, gardening, lengthy discussions about the Large Hadron Collider.

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This sort of a non-answer, but have you dug through the DR Podcasts page? It looks like P1 has a bunch of documentaries. You should be able to find stuff that ticks the Radio 4 box, but maybe not the simple language box.
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Another non-answer: Danish TV is great. I recommend Forbrydelsen and Borgen.
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For social issues Mads & Monopolet is interesting. It does require a decent ability to understand Danish (look for the XML/iTunes link below main image). First 5-10 minutes of each podcast is rehash of previous week.
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