Oven/Range Repair - North Orange County Edition
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Hoping I could query the awesomeness of the hive mind for help with referrals to repair an older restaurant model oven/range currently living in a home in north orange county, CA.

My very dear friends have an older model Dynasty (restaurant model) oven/range in their home that works, but is unfortunately making awful noises whenever it's in use.

Since my friends are not the type to want to look at Angie's list (although I have) or the like to find a repair person, I would like to offer them my practical help by finding (and paying for) a reliable, honest repairman who will fix the range for a reasonable fee. I am also looking for someone who will JUST repair or service the range, not try to upsell them on parts or labor or suggest they buy an ongoing warranty or a new range, etc. Ideally this would be someone who repairs equipment for restaurants for a living and wants to make a little cash on the side.

Also, I would like to have this all done and over with before Thanksgiving. My friends host a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at their house every year and this is my way of showing my gratitude for their continued hospitality.

If it's important, my friends live in the the La Habra/Fullerton/Placentia area of north Orange County.

Thanks to anyone who can give a reference, you guys are the best :)
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"... Ideally this would be someone who repairs equipment for restaurants for a living and wants to make a little cash on the side. ..."

Not to preach, but few folk who make a living repairing such equipment professionally are willing to sell out themselves and/or their employers for a few bucks "on the side." They know, vividly, from experience, that "the last wrench that touches it, owns it." And they depend upon their employers, or their own policies and best practices if they are self-employed, including business liability insurance, to protect them in disputes. And that generally requires of them a certain level of professional ethics and action. You've got to cut experienced, reliable people enough economic slack to do the right thing, whenever safety and health are involved, whatever that might be.

That said, and read, I'm asking, as an AskMe Answerer, that you step back and recalibrate your expectations. Commercial ranges with 6 or 8 burner setups, not to mention ovens, were designed to put out hella more heat than residential units, in consideration of higher commercial restaurant codes for above range hood air exhaust, behind range wall insulation, flooring, as well as the demands of commercial cooking for heat. And you've got a range, which might be gas fueled, that is "unfortunately making awful noises whenever it's in use."

I can not reasonably express to you how quickly that range, if it is gas fueled, ought never be used again, pending repair or replacement. And although I doubt that reputable repair will be much less than the upper 3 figures to lower 4 figures in cost, I can not make particular recommendation for capable repair persons in that area of the country. I suggest you contact several local independent restaurants in your area, and see who they recommend, and use.
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