Bakery for Boston Cream Pie in the Bay Area (South Bay)?
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Are there any bakeries in the southern part of the Bay Area (say from Redwood City to San Jose) that make a really excellent Boston Cream Pie? This is for a birthday request for this specific type of cake. Prefer to avoid supermarket bakeries, where I have usually found previously frozen cakes of dubious quality.
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Depending on your comfort level, it might be easier to make it yourself. I've made it: use a regular yellow cake mix, and the custard and chocolate frosting aren't too difficult.
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Maybe a bit out of your way, but Crixa in Berkeley makes really great BCPs, among other sorts of delectable treats...
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Marie calendars makes them.
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Angel Heart Cakes is a fantastic bakery in Redwood City; their website does not indicate that they make Boston Cream Pie, but they do custom orders, and if they don't do BCP, they quite likely might be able to point you to a place that makes good ones. Plus they are really nice and all their stuff is amazing.
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I'd try Draegers. A grocery store, but the fanciest one. The quality of their baked goods is excellent.
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My current favorite bakeries in the South Bay are the Copenhagen Crown at 2079 el Camino in Santa Clara and La Patisserie at 19758 Stevens Creek Blvd in Cupertino. Actually in SJ, old-timers might recommend Dick's at 1593 Meridian. The new kid in town is Paris Baguette; I love the blue glass windows in their Palo Alto branch but like the other places, no idea how they'd do a Boston Cream Pie; if it was up to me I'd be inclined to try the Marie Calendar's.
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Oh yeah I'd definitely try Draegers, they have great prepared foods and baked good. Also Mollie Stone's.
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I was really impressed with Peters' Bakery in San Jose, although I did not specifically get a Boston Cream Pie while I was there. In fact, their menu (check out the pink photos on the Yelp page) lists a "Berry Boston" but not a regular Boston Cream Pie, but it also says they will customize orders.
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A little north of Redwood City, but I love Pilgrim Kitchen in Belmont for any and all pie needs; Google says they make Boston Cream Pie and Boston Cream donuts. Right across the street from Planet Granite on El Camino. Cash only.
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