Help me find a vegan/healthy-friendly, relaxing beach destination
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My wife and I are looking for a 4-5 night stay in a couple of weeks. We want somewhere we can relax on the beach, that also has plenty of very healthy places to eat. Vegan-friendly choices are a plus, as are juice bars (or places that serve fresh fruit/veggie juice).

We're currently looking hard at the Santa Monica area, but are open to other suggestions. We'll be flying from Texas, so the closer the better since it's a semi-short trip. We're not looking for lots of activities to do; mainly planning on maximum relaxation.
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I'd suggest Santa Cruz, but the beach is rather chilly in December.
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Sayulita!! If you want to relax on the beach, I assume you would like it to be warm. There's a much better chance of that if you travel further south. The average in November is 84. There's wonderful fresh fruit everywhere, you don't need a car once you get there, great places for a massage - relaxing at its finest. When we flew there from California, we flew through Texas, so I think you can get there pretty quickly. I'm jealous just thinking about it. But a happy for you kind of jealous if you get to go.
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Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz or Monterey.

I would recommend them in that order. Santa Monica also meets your criteria, but the other three will be a less LA feel and cheaper. I really like Santa Barbara because it's close to some great wine country and just beautiful parts of California, if you're into that sort of thing. Santa Cruz and Monterey will be chilly, as others point out. SB should be nice though.
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I just wanted to suggest using HappyCow in case you don't know about that already. You can put in the destinations you're considering and see what kind of vegan (and veg-friendly, etc.) options are nearby.
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san diego was in the high 80s yesterday! but then, the beaches are always cooler & it's hard to anticipate what a couple weeks will bring (could be clouds! could be santa anas!). there are plenty of healthy food options in the beach neighborhoods, though, including la jolla, mission beach, and especially super-crunchy ocean beach. head a little inland to north park, hillcrest and university heights (my 'hood) for even more, including a few entirely vegan places.
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Best answer: Something to consider: via Houston, it is a 5-hour direct flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Another 30-minute flight to Tambor on a local airline (~$65), plus a 30-minute taxi ride (~$25) will get you to Ylang-Ylang Beach Resort in Montezuma, where the Nov-Dec temps average 80-90 this time of year.

All the photos on their website are accurate. Nothing doctored or not as portrayed.

Same time zone, so no jet lag.

I've been going to this resort for many years. TripAdvisor ranks it #1 in the area.

Their restaurant menu is vegetarian plus seafood, with a number of vegan options. Everything I've ever ordered there has been delicious, and they have many fresh fruit juices and combinations to choose from.

Availability at this late date will be iffy, but if you already have valid passports, it's worth checking out. I recommend a "beach front bungalow" if they have one available. The BFBs are literally ON the beach, yet private, and feature accommodations like in-room safe, mini-fridge, both indoor and outdoor showers and your own private 2-person patio overlooking the ocean (with a palm tree or two in between). They have A/C, but I've never used it. They also have a lovely swimming pool for late night dips (pool closes at 10pm) right before bedtime. Floating on your back and looking at the millions of stars? Wonderful.

If you go, be sure to be out and about the jungle-landscaped grounds with your camera at sunset. They have more exotic animals running around than some CR national parks (though no sloths, alas).
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Response by poster: Follow up: we ended up going to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (in March).

It was perfect. Absolutely beautiful, fresh fruit coming out of our ears, and pipas frias (freshly cut open coconut with a straw stuck in) around every corner. The most relaxed we've been in years. Highly recommended!
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