What children's books have characters named Daniel?
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For a project for my child's school, I need to find children's books (picture books, ideally, and appropriate for 4-8 year olds) that have a main character named Daniel. Not Danny or Dan, sadly, but Daniel. Any leads would be appreciated, since this seems to be un-Google-able.
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There is a PBS series called Daniel Tiger. I'm not sure if there are books too.
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There are books.
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This is Daniel Cook was also a (Canadian) public television show and also has a series of books.
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Best answer: Not Afraid of Dogs (not a bad book at all, and meets your requirements - thanks to my daughter for remembering which of our thousands of books has a character named Daniel)
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Best answer: There are a lot of books for children about Daniels: Daniel Boone, Daniel Webster and Daniel from the bible. A few about Daniel Pinkwater and Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket). Do you need these books to have a non-famous character named Daniel? Here are a few

- Daniel Keep Dreaming
- Smoky Night by Eve Bunting (about the LA riots)
- I don't want to (learning book about a kid who doesn't want to pick up his toys)
- Not afraid of dogs by Susanna Pitzer (maybe closest to what you are looking for if the tiger book doesn't pan out)

I did some googling for the phrase "A boy named Daniel" and "Children's books" to find people who were blurbing/reviewing books that had a character named Daniel.
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Ask your librarian. She/he has a better search engine for this.
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If your school or public library has a web-based catalog you can access, try searching for something like keyword:Daniel NOT author:Daniel, limited to the locations in the library that have books of the level you're looking for. That should give you a bunch to choose from!

One of the librarians can help you figure out the best search strategy to use in the catalog, or can run a search for you in the staff version of the catalog if the public-facing catalog doesn't let you do a search with that level of detail.
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(I should also have noted that the search syntax for your library's catalog won't necessarily look like keyword:Daniel NOT author:Daniel; that's just a general strategy. See your local librarian for more information.)
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I'm pretty sure the dog in Dr. Seuss' Butter Battle Book is named Daniel. (He's a spaniel.)
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Best answer: Amazon has search filters where you can search Children's books, ages 3-5, for title containing "Daniel". Here is a link I think will work. A lot of them are biblical, but there are several hundred results.

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Just FYI, Smoky Night, mentioned above, is a very good book.
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