whole-window screenshot application for Mac OS X
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Hi, I am looking for a whole-window screenshot application for Mac OS X. I have and use Paparazzi, but need to take SS images of login-state dependent webpages, which Paparazzi can't do. I would prefer an app that works as SnapzPro used to, where the SS includes all the content below the fold of a webpage and the screenshot-taking app does not need or gain independent login access to the target page. Thanks in advance!
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Does Grab not do this?
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Or just the usual Command-Shift shortcut?
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Grab will take screenshots of a whole window -- is there some requirement we're missing?
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1) cmd+shift+4
2) press spacebar
3) hover over the window you want to screenshot
4) click mouse
5) look for screenshot file on desktop
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Paparazzi is for taking screenshots of the entire contents of a web page, all in one very tall image that's much taller than just the visible window. Grab and command-shift-4 don't do this.
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Ah, I didn't understand the request. Try this Chrome Extension.
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This is just in the browser, correct? I use the Awesome Screenshot Chrome and Firefox extensions to grab full-page screenshots.
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Can you try printing the web page? You can export PDF from the print dialog with a custom page size, to enclose the whole page. Then convert the PDF to desired format with Photoshop or ImageMagick, etc.
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Evernote's plugin does this.
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Response by poster: Paparazzi also produces PDFs by default, blergh.

Assignment complete. No tool fit the bill, again. I hate feature deflation.
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Unless I'm missing something in the question, this is what I use Snagit:Mac for. It has a function to scroll the entire web page and capture that as a screenshot. I use this on a daily basis.
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I use a Firefox extension called Pearl Crescent Page Saver, which can take a screenshot of the entire length of the web page, and you can choose whether to save as a PNG or JPG. The free version is also available at Mozilla's Add-Ons site.
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Little Snapper does this.
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The Awesome Screenshot browser extension will do this (cross-browser)
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