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Can you point me towards some excellent regional newspapers?

I'm looking to read some outstanding regional newspapers from around the US (or, actually, English language papers from outside the US would also be interesting). Papers that do exciting, original reporting about their region. The St. Petersburg Times is already a favorite, but I know there must be lots of others that I've never heard of. What do you read?
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The Austin Chronicle is an alternative weekly that has been around for quite some time...
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New Times always seems to be on top of it.

I also like Creative Loafing here in Atlanta.
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Try It is a consotrium of independently published, professionally written, high quality, regionally focused tabloids that tend to be center to left leaning. When I visit a new city, the first thing I look for is a box distributing one of these free papers. They usually cover politics, arts, food and entertainment very well.
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The Des Moines Register is well respected.
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Minnpost is online only and State based (Minnesota, duh), and pretty new overall but I like them quite a bit.
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The Age is part of Australia's Fairfax Media stable and maintains a strong tradition of high quality investigative journalism. I've found The Age far more reliable at at presenting news as news and comment as comment than Murdoch's papers, which usually just smoosh the two together into an irritating propagandistic mess.
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A couple magazines that do excellent regional reporting are Texas Monthly and High Country News (covering the U.S. West).

The Oregonian has an excellent reputation, but I don't know it myself.

I used to work for The News & Observer, based in Raleigh, N.C. It did a good job of covering the state, but has shrunk a lot in the past several years.
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