Where do I start looking for a job?
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I don't know where I should be looking in order to search for a job. (Peculiar Einstein-Bose Condensate details inside)

I currently work 25%/75% as tech support/data analysis. I'm looking to switch to doing only analysis, but I have no idea where I should be looking for jobs. Are there any particular sites I should be looking at? (I honestly don't care what field as long as it's not something like Tobacco) I recently joined LinkedIn, but beyond that and looking at Monster, I really don't know where I should be looking.

I've read the previous questions and my question feels just different enough that I'm asking it.
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I have found my last three jobs on LinkedIn.

I too am a data analyst, I'm in Sales Operations. What I'd recommend is learning the shit out of Excel, SQL, Data Cubes, SharePoint, Crystal Reports. Once you have those down, you can do analysis pretty much everywhere.

I am a Salesforce.com Admin, but in my new role, I'll be learning the in-house CRM. Once you have the skills, the rest is easy.

When I was looking, I'd also scan Simplyhired.com, and individual company websites. But LinkedIn has resulted in the best vetted, highest submission to interview ratio and translated to actual jobs.

So I'd stick with that.

Do make your profile amazing. Upload your skills/resume on there. I had a professional headshot made. Don't put a mugshot of you on there.

Get endorsed, get folks to say how wonderful you are.

Work it!
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Where do you live? In some cities Craigslist has good jobs (SF for example).
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Response by poster: radioamy, I'm in New York.
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Craigslist is probably decent in NYC, since they charge for postings which weeds out some of the junk. I would forget Monster and CareerBuilder. Try Indeed too. But yeah, LinkedIn.
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You can set up automatic emails on Indeed that will send you a daily list of job postings based on whatever keywords you specify. I've found them helpful.
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I found my last position (director of engineering) via indeed.com. I live in Portland, OR.
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