I need monitor nipples? What are they called and where can I get 'em?
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My monitor uses a DVI port. Plugging in a DVI cable works perfectly except for one flaw: the 2 screw nipple thingamabobs are missing on the sides of the port on the monitor, which means the screws on the DVI cable have nothing to screw into to lock the cable in place. If anything bumps the DVI cable at all, it can fall out of the socket. So, I'm desperate to find a pair of those little nipple doodads, which should look like the nut looking things with screw holes to the sides of the blue VGA port in this image. Instead of those things, my monitor has holes where those used to be screwed into. What are they called and where can I get them?
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Best answer: They are, in a different use (motherboard mounting) called "standoff"s and Micro Center or any decent computer parts store should have them for next to nothing.
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Response by poster: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Asked and answered, lickety-split.
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Response by poster: Do you think a hardware store would have them?
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Best answer: If you need some, I've got some. Pull em off computers all the time at work. Just Me-Mail me your address and I'll get a couple sent your way.
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As an added tip, you'll want to use a 3/16" nut driver or socket to torque these guys down - gently but firmly. If you only screw them in finger-tight they'll come off when you remove your cable, and getting them off the cable is a real hassle without that same nut driver.
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Ideally, there should be a nut on the opposite side of the sheet metal to help hold it on. Just using the threads in the sheet metal isn't very good. (which means getting inside the monitor. Maybe have a qualified tech put them on?)
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Response by poster: I have a feeling the originals were removed when the previous owner removed his/her DVI cable. I don't need them to be particularly tight... just screwed in well enough to prevent my DVI cable from falling off/out/etc.
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Response by poster: A billion thank-you's to deezil, who sent me a few monitor cable nipp... er... "standoffs." As I suspected, the holes on either side of the cable connection on the monitor where the standoffs should have been were screw holes deep enough to lock the standoffs in place once screwed in. And screw those teeny tiny mofos is precisely what I did, though not tightly. Now, my DVI cable is securely screwed in - again, not particularly tightly, but well enough to keep it held in place.

Problem solved! Thank you deezil, and thank you metafilter!
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