Reverse-geotagging: Where is this furniture store in LA?
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A friend recently posted pictures from a fairly-fashionable (potentially used?) furniture store "somewhere in LA," but won't spill the beans about where it is! I'd like to find it and pick up some of this goodness. Hoping that one of you might know where it is. Thank you!! Pictures: 1 2 3 4

(I've checked this 2009 thread and feel that this style of furniture is a bit unique... thanks, again!)
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I think it looks a little cramped to be HD Buttercup. My guess is tini.
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Best answer: It's Sunbeam Vintage. The pictures in their Yelp listing confirm it. Go get you some mid-century modern!
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Response by poster: thank you hivemind and an extra-special thanks to countess sandwich.

hugs and drinks for everyone at the next meetup. :)

(and extra for the countess! wooo!)
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Who knew Highland Park would become the next Silverlake?
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