Help me find a recording that scared the hell out of me as a kid.
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So, it's Halloween and I'm thinking about ways to frighten my child. I've just recalled a recording my parents had when I was young that made a strong impression on me. I don't even know how I'd start googling to find it, so I'm hoping a description will jog someone's memory.

It was an old cassette tape recording of a woman with a really spooky voice reading Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle and other, similar stories. Think classic American supernatural folktales. This isn't much to go on, I know. It would have been a recording made prior to the late 1970's. I can hear the woman's voice in my head right now. Middle aged with a kind of laconic, deadpan delivery that was frightening in a very controlled way. Not dramatic, just creepy. There might have been a musical interlude between the stories as well. The scene of the strange men playing ninepins is the part that's lodged in my head, but I know there were other stories as well.
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Any chance it's this?
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This might also be a good resource.
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When we were kids, Arch Oboler's Drop Dead scared the living daylights out of us.
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