Getting my Numbers to Stand up Straight
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I am using styles in Word 2010 in order to automatically generate a table of contents. I have modified the TOC styles give the Table of Contents the look it needs to have. However, I don't want these style changes to apply to the page number at the end of the dot leaders, just the text.

I have a fairly long manual that I have created in Word 2010 using Styles. I've used the built in headers, but modified the look of them, and used them to generate the Table of Contents.

I have also gone into the Table of Content, and modified the TOC 1, TOC 2, and TOC 3 styles so that the formatting is as desired.

My problem is this. Telling the text in my TOC3 style to be italicized also leads to my page number being italicized. I need all of my page numbers to be the same throughout the TOC -- no italics.

SO instead of:

table of contents level 3..........................................................14

I need

table of contents level 3.............................................................14

Making the change manually only works until I update the TOC again. Since this is a frequently updated document, we need to avoid this.

I've drilled down pretty deeply into the Insert Table of Contents area, looking for a way to modify just the format of the page number, without luck. Is there a way, or is this just a price you pay for using the feature?
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Best answer: If you're not going to be adding/deleting/fiddling with the headers too much, you can select "Update page numbers only" and it will maintain your line-by-line formatting. There's not really a way to do it automatically (that I know of; I welcome truthful contradiction).
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Response by poster: Thanks. I feared this would be the case (it's going to be a LOT of fiddling. Enough so I'm going to just try and convince people this looks fine the way it is) but it was worth a shot at hoping the hive mind knew some wonderful simple trick I was missing.
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