Are my days numbered because of lup chong?
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Will uncooked Chinese sausage end my life?

I just ate three links of "Chinese Style Lup Chong" (Chinese sausage). I bought them on a whim from the supermarket because lup chong is good news. They weren't in the cold bit of the store, they were right by the dried noodles and soy sauce. Packet says "heat treated" and they were vacuum sealed. I figured, hey, this is like salami, except Chinese. So I just ate three bits and then read the packet and it says "COOK BEFORE EATING".

Am I going to die?

P.S. It was delicious.
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yes, you are going to die, but not from the sausage. think nothing of it unless and until there is abdominal distress.
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Response by poster: Update: I feel fine and actually want more, but I guess what I'm asking is, has anybody had direct experience with such an event and did it do terrible things to them? I mean, if the thing says "cook me", then I should probably cook it. I don't read my food carefully enough.
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Best answer: The last time I did this, I had diarrhea for a day afterwards then recovered on my own. (I was nine - as an adult your reaction may be even milder.)

Also, those things taste even better cooked.
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Best answer: You won't die. Was it three entire links, or three bites though? Depending how sensitive your stomach is - you may spend a bit of unpleasant time in the restroom. The point of making meat into sausage is to preserve it, so it's not the same as eating it completely raw, especially if it was shelf stable packaging.

Next time, throw them in a pot of rice to steam.
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Response by poster: I ate three links. I do have a pretty tough stomach, but also no gallbladder, and some things set me off for a good length of time. I know that they are traditionally cooked and served as a side or with some fried rice or whatever, but I just locked-in to the idea that they were basically salami.
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they ARE basically salami. i regularly eat raw ham with no ill effects, but my ham was lovingly hand-cured in the italian region of parma, which is where prosciutto di parma comes from.
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Best answer: I've been doing a bit of research and it seems like there's two kinds - one kind is air cured and the other is smoke cured. Virtually all recipes I've seen call for both kinds to be cooked, but I think you'd probably be better off if you had the smoke cured kind. The only reference I can find to eating it raw is some mention of adding it to fried rice without precooking.

Purely anecdotal - if I had a strong stomach but no gallbladder, I'd honestly be more concerned with the fattiness of the sausage than whether it was cooked. I'd probably take some precautionary Imodium and just relax. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. I knew it wouldn't literally kill me but I was concerned that somebody might pop in saying "prepare to be the sickest you've ever been for six straight weeks, and kiss goodbye to the use of your legs" or something. I didn't find a lot of stuff online, either.
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I once ate loads of that stuff without cooking it first—and here I am, telling you about it eight years later.
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Best answer: So I guess what I'm saying is: you have at least eight years to live.
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Don't worry about it. My 87 year old grandmother eats raw ground meat all the time, from the raw pork sausage from the German deli (which also has directions to cook it on the package, but cooking teewurst defeats the purpose -- we think that's written on there for liability reasons, not because anyone actually cooks it) to regular raw hamburger meat from the grocery store with salt and pepper on rye.

Sometimes she gets sick, by which I mean the usual upset stomach from something not agreeing with her, not "OMG morphine drip please!" sick. But that really only happens when she eats the whole package without stopping and even then not always. And like I said, she's 87. Unless you have super dirty meat for some reason, which you would already be feeling the effects of, it's not a problem.
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I eat a lot of dodgy things, but uncooked ground pork of unknown provenance is not one of them for good and sufficient reasons.
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I've eaten it many times with nary a problem, though not I grant you three links. More like 3 slices, but I have a delicate stomach and was okay.

That being said:

I do have a pretty tough stomach, but also no gallbladder

They are brutally fatty, and I understand that if you have no gall bladder sometimes the fat can make it most of the way through which can lead to some bowelular shenanigans. So you know, if you've had that experience in the past maybe pop a toilet roll in the freezer.
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Response by poster: There have indeed been...shenanigans.

I won't mark a "best answer" just yet...I want to see which one of you is right-est.
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I've eaten it un-additionally-cooked many times and never had an adverse reaction. However, it's so damn yummy when you cook it (especially seared/slightly burnt and served with Chinese broccoli and rice) that you'd only be wasting it by eating it raw.

Also, seared with minced garlic and green beans and drizzled with sesame oil.

Also, toss it in a toaster oven and eat it with toast and soft boiled eggs.
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Response by poster: Turns out dragonfruit was right-est and first-est, but Space Kitty also earns props for her reassuring bedside manner, and EXISTENZ for his amuse-ventre. Thanks everybody!
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