What plant is this?
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My neighbour threw a biggish one of these out in a pot; it was half dead, but I noticed this small pup at the edge of the container and rescued it. I'm thinking Agave? Maybe Aloe? Image 1 Image 2
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Possibly Agave americana 'picta', but it is a bit difficult to tell from your photo; it also looks a bit aloe-ish.
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Response by poster: Ah yea, had to take a picture with my phone 'cause I don't have the decent camera on hand.
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Yeah agave. If you live someplace hot, plant it outside and it will get like person-sized huge in a few years.
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I'm thinking maybe the houseplant Sanseveria - also called Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law's Tongue.
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I'd also say Agave. My mom had one of these in her yard and we called it the Succubus (a play on succulent) because she said it was evil. It refused to die. She absolutely loathed it but couldn't be bothered to dig it out, as it was pretty big. So she just neglected it in the hopes it would give up the ghost some day. Not sure why she hated it so, she was an odd and bitter woman and hated a lot of things. I last saw that one in her yard 4 years ago, and from what I understand, in spite of much hatred and loathing being directed at it, and not much water or care, it's still thriving.
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