Alternatives to, maybe free ones?
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I'm interested in starting a regular craft night event in a town which I have only recently moved to. I'm on my local MeetUp but I'm curious if there are other platforms like this I should explore before plunking down my money. Anyone had any luck gathering interested folks through another method?

Believe me: I do think MeetUp provides a great service at a very reasonable rate. I'm just curious what else people have done to start an event like this.
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Haven't tried it, but you could pretty easily setup a Google+ community for something like this, and it wouldn't cost you anything. The problem is that people tend to go to Meetup to find things like this, so you might not get new members as quickly as you would on Meetup.
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Plunking down money, for MeetUp?

How exactly are you thinking of using it that requires money? It's been free for every usage I've seen. I genuinely don't get what you're trying to do.
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IAMBroom: in order to start/continue a group on Meetup, there's a monthly fee.
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Craigslist has a section for community events.
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What kind of craft(s)? If you're doing anything fiber-related (knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving), you'll want to look for geographically local sub-forums on to promote your group in. Don't know if there are similar niche social network sites for other crafts, though.
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Are there any local shops in your area? If so, contact them about starting a night. Either the event could take place there, or they can advertise it on their listserv or on a poster at the check-out register.

Also...Facebook. Seriously.
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Yahoo groups, Facebook page, University club (if there's a university nearby and students who might be interested), casual word of mouth advertising, meeting in a public place at least 1/month, having handouts/business cards available at the local hobby store, and being present at any local craft fairs (is there a Maker Fair in your region?) would be where I'd start, based on how I've found the clubs I'm in now.
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The library may have meeting space, or a coffee shop, and people may feel mor ecomfortable coming to a public space. Put up flyers, and use any events listings - weekly newspapers, craigslist, etc.
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