How to find other bad singers?
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What sorts of nice online communities exist for amateur/bad singing sharing?

I've been really enjoying singing just for fun, but I feel like music is such a social thing for me, I'd really like to be part of a community that shares music each other make even if it's REALLY BAD. I.e. a group that's really friendly toward terrible music and closed to the public so your bad music won't be hijacked for other people's laughs.

I've checked out things like soundcloud but it sounds like the people there are, you know, making real music. I don't play any instruments, I'm just enjoying singing. I don't have any money to invest in lessons, background music software or any of the cool stuff that's out there if you have money, but I feel like music should be for the people, and it really shouldn't matter how good you are or how much money you have to invest in making it sound good if it's just about sharing yourself and listening to others.

I'm not interested in pretending I LIKE other peoples bad singing, or others being forced to say they like mine, the main thing is just being nice about it, and being willing to listen with "kind ears" or something to people's efforts at self expression. At least seeing them in the light you sense they might be trying to create, and supporting them in growing their music in the direction they want. Is there anything like this out there that attracts really mediocre terrible singing/music possibly by people who aren't even using instruments and are just singing songs or banging on household objects or something? I'm not looking to become a professional musician, I just want to have fun. Surely there are others!!

(And yes bad is subjective, I'm using it as stand in for not professionally trained or even very picky about accuracy or quality, more focused on just having fun with expression and maybe developing slowly if at all on quality or accuracy at specific types of sounds).
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Mefi Music?
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Response by poster: Yeah the mefi music is really cool! It seems like people with background music though, probably not exactly what I was looking for where it's ok to just sing and have not instruments or band- or link up with people online who add music for each other or something. Maybe there aren't actually that many not serious/good/trained musicians out there! Hmmm could be a website I could make some day maybe!
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Response by poster: Maybe I should add, I'm also specifically interested in training myself to spend some time listening to the human voice, unedited and without background music, I'm interested in finding others who are JUST singing and not editing or using fancy software.

I like well trained and polished musicians/singers too, but I feel like there is a benefit to at least feeling comfortable with the human voice as it is without it having to be so edited and formatted in order to sound ok to my ears, or even knowing what it sounds like. I feel like it's almost a disservice that I've allowed my hearing to become so sensitive that errors in voice sound so painful and than a music industry has trained me to feel my own voice is painful to listen to. I'mworking on undoing this, just for myself, because I feel like I'm a fan of DIY and community exchanges where you don't have to have money or be willing to go through exhausting and painful amounts of training and time just to enjoy your own voice or the voice of people around you.

It seems like what I'm thinking of is not a thing out there though. Hmmm.
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Best answer: My sister, a terrible singer, is a founding member of Crapapella, a Smith College a capella group dedicated to bad singing. You may find some resources through them, perhaps?
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I know you said "online", but this is very much what karaoke is for! Social. Singing. Being nice about it. You just have to put up with the occasional good singer.
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Response by poster: Ah, I guess that's the issue, I have live variables that make it impossible to go out ever and limit my friend groups to only parent/kid friendly groups. Maybe I need to make a kid friendly day time karaoke group. I'm having fun recording myself though and just thought maybe others were too, thanks for the responses. I LOVE your link Dr. Wu that's exactly the spirit of what I'm thinking!
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Umm, have you considered Christians? Shitty churches are reasonably straightforward to suss out, most mainline protestant denominations aren't so picky about the orthodoxy of those who want to join us on Sundays, and singing enthusiastically together without regard to skill is pretty much what we do for most of services. You also get a neat lecture on ethics and history as well as opportunities to serve and be served by your community, neat people to hang out with, and social infrastructure in a box if you want them.
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You could start your own group - not your own church as described by Blasdelb - but a sub par singers group. IF your kids are in school or pre-school, perhaps you could put an ad in the newsletter and see if there are any other like-minded people around.
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Best answer: You might be able to use one of the online karaoke sites like singsnap. There is background music although it can be turned off. You can sing with camera or not. Using webcam might give you the social feedback you're looking for without you having to "go out". I'm recommending it because I've been using the site for about 3 or 4 years and the people are extremely supportive. Also there are fun challenges every week designed to just get everyone singing. It is not a site for great singers or musicians. Those exist but most members just sing for fun. It's free to use with a lot of songs; the paid membership is for those more serious who want to be able to alter lots of settings (like me, I need my key changes). Most members don't pay and just sing. Your recordings are immediately posted and people are positive and fun unless you want them private.
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Response by poster: AH Danila that site is awesome OMG! Thanks it's perfect exactly!
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"being willing to listen with "kind ears" or something to people's efforts at self expression" sounds very much like all the community choirs I've been involved in - very much of the "anyone can sing" approach and everyone's contribution is welcome. I know you've said that you're limited to parent/kid friendly groups, but most of the community choirs I've been to have had babies playing on the floor or kids drawing/reading in the same room, particularly the ones held during the day. (Although having said that I haven't been back to my community choir since having a child because I don't really want to go through two hours of trying to make sure he doesn't disturb the singing :))
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