Seeking good 2014 calendar. Difficulty: year-at-a-glance
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I am looking for a good year-at-a-glance paper wall calendar/planner for next year. I have found a completely boring version and I am wondering if I can do better. I am bad at online shopping and also I hate it. Help?

Specific requirements (and these are necessary not just stuff I'd like if possible - I will go without a calendar if I can't get these things)

1. All twelve months on one page - do not want to assemble this from 12 monthly pages
2. Date boxes that can be written in, not a lot of writing, just some.
3. Made from paper, do not want erasable
4. Months in month-box format, not something like this, as nice as those are.

Things I don't care about one way or the other

- Design-y or not, don't care. I will buy the boring version if it's all I can do and be okay with that. Not against attractive versions. My idealized version of this is on brown paper.
- A template that I wrote my own numbers into would be fine.
- Size, though bigger is optimal, I have a lot of wall space. Probably something bigger than 11"x17"
- Cost, would be happy to pay for the right calendar.

I have checked out the other calendar threads. I already do my scheduling using a mash-up of Google calendar and iCal. This is so I can eyeball blocks of time for the year and look for gaps and clusters and write in some birthdays/anniversaries/meteor showers.
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You could potentially get something printed on giant brown paper fairly inexpensively at a local print shop.
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Perhaps this?
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Response by poster: Price range?

Under $50 unless it's knock-out perfect? I'd need a design, since this is probably a bit out of my wheelhouse. I'll ask the local print shop if they could do a one-off like this.
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This one is nice, but it is dry-erase.
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At least shops I've been to, that would be doable. Especially if it's just black, you should be able to get a decent price. I've found that *sometimes* blueprint/architectural printing places can have better prices on large single color jobs, because they have the giant printers, but not the high volume business normal print shops have. May vary in your area.
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If you want something pretty, I can't recommend this highly enough. I've had her calendars for the last two years, and they are gorgeous and printed on very heavy duty paper. They always garner compliments.
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Best answer: I had the 2013 version of this one, and I'm planning to get it again next year.
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Best answer: NeuYear?
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Best answer: NeuYear calendars are awesome. Y can order it printed on regular paper or as a dry-erase version. I've reordered for several years and always get compliments! Several friends have ordered their own after seeing mine in the office.
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Oh, and the NeuYear designer recently sent out a survey asking if folks wanted a BIG calendar. Like 5' or something. If you're interested, drop him an email and ask him about plans to get that printed. He's very responsive and nice.
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Here is a site with customizable year-at-a-glance calendars. There are others; your search term is "calendar template." You could have this printed on your paper of choice.
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I thought we covered the designer's marketing tell-all/development post mortem here, but not finding it on search.

Oh wait, I found it.
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And here's another one, from Crispin Finn.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. I emailed my local print shop and they don't do anything that large so I'll back burner that aspect of it for another time (and ask at the graphics department at the school I work at). Looks like NeuYear is basically what I am looking for. There are a bunch of neat other options but none of them quite do what I want. I appreciate the reinforcement that these things really aren't out there in great quantity and I was just mostly unable to find them.
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I know it's too late, but I modify this excel sheet calendar for tracking my year. I tweak it a bit for my needs but it works pretty well.
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Just listened to the podcast and had just come across this linear calendar on kickstarter. 15 days left to back
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