How do I make fake braces for my teeth?
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I am dressing up as Ugly Betty for a friend's birthday party. I have everything sorted except how to create some fake braces for my teeth. I don't want to cause any damage to my teeth or gums, nor do I want to be impeded from drinking (it is a party after all!). The only option I have been able to find so far involves paper clips and dental wax and appears to be somewhat painful looking. Any other ideas for how to make fake braces for a night?
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I would follow the directions in this video (which I'm sure you've seen) but I'd use grey or metallic beads and instead of bending the ends, I'd trim the paperclip to comfortable proportions and use small balls of orthodontic wax on the ends. I don't think that would be painful at all, in fact. It's pretty cheap to try (uh, a paperclip and some ortho wax from the drugstore) so you might want to see how it works out for you before moving on to fake teeth that come with braces.
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I would say it's safer to get the fake teeth. Just call any costume store in your area. I really don't like the idea of using super glue on something you're going to keep in your mouth, and if one of those beads popped loose and you swallowed it, that'd be no fun.

Have you tried just putting a rubber band or dental floss on your teeth? They'd probably read as braces well enough, and you wouldn't be in much danger if you swallowed them.
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Here's the whole costume.

And some fake braces teeth on Amazon.

And another pair from a regular costume shop.

Basically any well-stocked costume store should have this.

Or skip the braces part, because she did get them off eventually, and in the end, it's a lot of hassle for a smile of a joke.
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When I dressed up as a character with braces, I attached some wire to each side of the headband I was wearing just above my ears and tilted it so that it was in front of my mouth. Gave the impression of braces without having anything impede my mouth (and it was easy and cheap!).
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How about aluminum foil instead of the paperclip? The paperclip seems too likely to lead to injury when eating. Also, speaking as someone who had real braces, don't underestimate how uncomfortable/painful it is to have scratchy things in your mouth. I would skip the beads, myself.
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