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I listen a lot to Radio Paradise for a nice general music radio station but since I stopped driving I've been missing the trashy top 20 radio. Of course I could stream one of those stations on the computer, but listening to that many adds would seem silly. Pandora is fine, but it tends to be too limited in its scope. So does anyone know a good, human curated radio station that mixes in all of the new pop music?
posted by Buckt to Media & Arts (3 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite is fantastic, one of my recent discoveries. Many genres and stations geared toward what time of day it is and what you activity are doing (studying, working out, driving, etc.). It's free, with ads, or pay $4 a month for no ads.
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Slacker has curated stations based on genre like pop hits and is free with ads and $4/month w/o. They also do curated playlists based on time of day and activity.

If you have iTunes, iTunes Radio also has channels for pop music and is free with ads and if you subscribe to iTunes Match does not have ads.
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BBC Radio One
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