Can you name these two films?
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I remember glimpses of these two films from my childhood (they're most probably 80s movies, but I'm not sure). #1: I remember some dark scenes set in a morgue, with bodies lying down under the sheets (I think) and they slowly come to life. I remember the bodies looking like cyborgs or robots. They then continue to hunt down the protagonist I think. #2: Some scenes of a huge cage in some sort of backyard, which sort of makes things bigger or older. There's a scene where the kid protagonist enters this cage and turns it on (there are these electrical waves all over the place I think), and as he gets older/bigger, his feet grow out of his tennis shoes. There's also a shot of a little pumpkin growing into huge one. If you can name one of them, it would be great.
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Best answer: The second one is 14 going on 30 I think. I remember the bit with the shoes.
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Response by poster: beautiful! thanks!
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Best answer: I'm not positive, but the first one sounds a bit like Westworld. It's an Amusement park populated by humaniform robots to provide a Roman, Wild West, or... something like a swashbuckling/Robin Hood setting adventure for the guests. Robots are routinely "killed" and require a bit of surgery to return to work, and I recall they had big repair bays that looked medical. Been a while, though-- maybe I'm confabulating.
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Best answer: The robot "morgue" in Westworld shown here, and part of final chase sequence here.
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Best answer: Just possibly the climactic sequence in Coma, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Nice! I'll watch both Westworld and Coma because they both sound right. Thanks a lot for the suggestions :)
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