Where can I find a Tshirt that says "I heart heart twins"?
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Where can I find a shirt that says "I ♥ ♥ Twins" on it? I saw it on TV and must have it. Googling for "I heart heart twins" yields three results and one photo, but no purchasing info. Please help!
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If anyone was wondering, the T-Shirt looks like this:
It was second on the google link.

I can't suggest anything other than emailing the blogger. Good hunting!
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With today's technologies, you could always make your own....
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I found this, which really isn't the same:

On preview, making your own sounds like a good option. http://www.iloveanything.com/ churns them out but just single hearts.
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Yeah, if you can't find a suplier you should be able to make it yourself. this site came up in a google search for "one off screen printing". Only 19 british pounds...
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The in-thing for one off shirt printing is spreadshirt.
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Best answer: Cafe Press is another arena for producing one-offs - you can open your own shop, make a design, then buy the product - you get the (ridiculously inflated) wholesale price as the shop owner, of course.

Or if that's just too much trouble, look, I did it for you - and I'll only rip you two bucks for the mark up on the wholesale.

twins double heart t

I've been using Cafe Press to make goofy "custom" merchandise for friends for years now. I'd tell you about the "Monkey Clown Rides the Bee" shirt I made for my friend Clinton, but it'd take way too long to explain.
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Try here, here (same model/shirt), here. However, on preview, Nanojath has already solved the problem.
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Best answer: Neighborhoodies!

Pretty much any shirt style you want, lots of fonts, easy heart-placement on said shirt(s). Haven't tried it myself (no need for a custom piece of clothing yet) but it looks pretty good.
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Were you by any chance watching "The Amazing Race" last night? I think it was Brock (Rogers family) who was wearing that shirt. It's a reach, but you might try asking this same question on The Rogers Family thread at Television Without Pity. Occasionally racers will post on their own or other threads, and Brock might be around to answer you himself; otherwise it's another group of people who know the shirt you mean and might be able to point you in the right direction.
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nanojath totally deserves a best answer designation. Way cool!
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Uh, Cafepress can only print on white backgrounds. The shirt the original poster asked for was printed on black. That's why I said he/she would need to get a custom screen print (cafepress uses inkjet transfers).

By the way, I think reality shows sometimes have their contestants make shirts themselves from iron-on patches so that they can wear something other then a plain t-shirt on the show. They don't want to promote any specific designer.

I've noticed the trend quite a bit, there simply may not be anyone producing that actual shirt.
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I have triplets, Any triple-heart shirts available?
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I didn't see this shirt available, but TwinStuff has a lot of other nice twin merchandise, including the "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" t-shirts for twins.

Wild_Eep: They also have "1 of 3", "2 of 3", and "3 of 3" t-shirts.
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You probably saw this T-shirt on the Amazing Race, am I right? I second Brookedel's suggestion, however, keep in mind that contestants are not allowed to talk to anyone (or post in the forum linked above) until after the finale episode airs.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help everyone! I'll probably go the Neighborhoodies route. Who wants to take a bet on how long it'll be before Urban Outfitters starts selling these by the case-load?
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This celeb gossip/interview site says the guy from American Race got it from Hollister, which is an Abercrombie spin-off. (2/3 down the page)
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Here's one that says "I heart heart my twins".
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