Android replacement for Wapedia?
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Wapedia is going away. Looking for an Android app to replace it. I use it to view pages from many wikis, not just Wikipedia.

When opening up my frequently-used Wapedia app on my Android phone yesterday, I got the unwelcome message that it was being discontinued and would not work as of November 4. So I'm looking for an app to replace it. The two major points I like most about it are:
  1. It's designed specifically to display wiki pages, so it works better than just an ordinary mobile browser for displaying them, IMO.
  2. It can be used with many wikis, not just Wikipedia, including others from the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikia-based wikis. I can switch from Wikipedia to Wikitravel to Memory Alpha with just a few taps.
The Wapedia notice suggests using the official Wikipedia app instead, but of course that displays Wikipedia pages only. Are there any other Android apps which do both of the above?
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Wikipanion for iPhone is great, and it lets you use other wikis too through a Wiki Manager (I use Wiktionary as well). It appears there is an Android version, but I can't say if it works the same way.
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(Though looking at the actual Wikipanion site, I am skeptical that there actually is an Android version, sorry.)
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