Seeking the perfect Tumblr theme
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Google-fu has the flu. Need a Tumblr theme with the following characteristics: responsive design; minimal (aesthetically); single-column layout; no sidebar; supports tags; displays tags on homepage; supports tag pages; supports google analytics; has searchbox; has social media sharing on posts (including minimally twitter, facebook & tumbler); has section somewhere for "about site owner--brief bio, site owner's social media follow icons (minimally twitter, but fb, linkedin, & pinterest would be grand) & an email contact link; customizable color palette. Love the look of Firefly, Footnote, & Simplist as aesthetic examples but both are lacking a few key things. Sadness. Most of the posts will be text, so a site geared toward photogs isn't ideal as there is usually so much white space. That's an issue with Simplist. Thanks for using your noodle on my behalf. Appreciate the suggestions.
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Best answer: Take a look at Svbtle Theme: "A Tumblr theme inspired by".

I think it meets most of your requirements except:

1. It has a sidebar. I'd venture you can solve that by simply commenting out lines 677 through 697 in the theme source.

2. It supports tags but doesn't seem to display them. Some enterprising theme editing here could also sort it out. Tumblr's documenation for displaying tags seems pretty straightforward.

That said if you've found a theme you want and it's just missing a few finishing touches it might be worth it to roll up your sleeves and edit them to your liking?
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Response by poster: You, xqwzts, are a genius. The sidebar was a problem only on a mobile view -- this theme's answer to responsive is to switch the sidebar to the top on mobile. I think I can figure out the tag thing. Thank you so very much!!
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Glad I could help!

For the tag thing you pretty much just have to copy/paste the example from the documentation, the bits between {block:HasTags} and {/block:HasTags}. I think placing it around line 903 [just before the footer] should work.

If you don't want to display tags on the main page then you drop that one line to be inside the {block:PermalinkPage} tag.
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