If they exist, looking for a bag of plastic crows
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I remember going into almost any toy store or even drug stores and being able to buy a big bag of the little green plastic army figures for 2-3 bux. I am looking for something in the same vein. I am looking for little plastic crows. Anywhere from 2-5" in size. I figure with Halloween season abound, that it would be easier said than done. If they even exist? I have done all sort of google searches with different combinations of words and can't find anything even remotely close to what I want, again, if they exist. For a project of mine, really looking to stay within 50 cents to a dollar each at most. any shoppers out there can guide me in the right direction? thanks
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This is on ebay right now. You get 50 for under 30 bucks, including shipping, but they're about 1.5 inches long so a little smaller than what you want. A few other options (same brand & price range) here.
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Response by poster: Hah. Thank you, but the ebay auction is for plastic cows, not crows. but that is exactly the type of thing i am looking for! gratzi
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CROWS! I misread that so many times, sorry.
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I would look on Aliexpress - there are a few different plastic birds on that site, and even stuff like this. Apply black spray paint, and instant crow?

(One of the suppliers on alibaba.com could probably make you the figures, but only if you want a few thousand of them.)
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I'm thinking railroad model suppliers?
These might be too tiny-- what is HO scale, anyway?
Is 7 inches way too big? These are at Alibaba.
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Not exactly what you described, but possibly useful:

These people can cut them larger, if you want.


cutesy buttons

I've personally never come across a plastic 3D crow or raven. Flat ones on picks for cupcakes, sure, but not toy-like ones.
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If there is a hackerspace or fablab nearby, maybe someone with a 3Dprinter can help you out?
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Try the oriental trading company. I'm on my phone or I'd search for you -- this is totally their cup of tea. They'll sell you rubber duckies by the hundreds, for example.
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Any chance you're in the SF Bay Area? Games of Berkeley carries bags of random little plastic things like that, and are definitely worth a call or visit. In the same area, the Berkeley ACE Hardware's model train section downstairs would be a likely place, too.
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No love for crows at any of the plastic animal figurine companies I could find (Schleich, Bullyland, Safari), though there are some discontinued collectibles. If you don't mind ceramic instead of plastic, here's some raven beads (assuming you can sub a raven for a crow) that fit your price range but might be slightly too small.

Lots of crow stuff at this website. I don't see exactly what you're looking for, but there are a few things that are pretty close, including a crow version of those bird figurines made of real feathers that you can sometimes find in craft stores.
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You could buy a bunch of white plastic birds commonly used to decorate wedding favors, and just color them black, like these.
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Here's some more railroad model crows.
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If you want to make them, you can get a crow figure, and make a mold with sculpey or fimo, then use that to make more sculpey crows.
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