Escalator at Leicester Square tube station
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I have escalophobia (vertigo related) and so as a rule avoid the extra long escalators on the tube network (namely Angel, Holborn and Leicester Square) as I've previously had panic and vertigo attacks on them. This evening I need to get to Goodge Street and TfL recommends I change from the Piccadilly line to the Northern line at Leicester Square. I'm struggling to find out from google whether this change involves using the very long escalators. Do you know?

I can do shorter escalators (for example I'm mostly okay with the one's at King's Cross). I'm travelling from Holloway Road.
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Best answer: My memory says that you'll be fine: you don't need to return to the booking hall to change between the two lines. I can't check that, but I went between the two a few days ago and don't recall anything other than stairs.

For future reference the Station Master iPhone app may save you a good deal of time and anxiety.
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One option might be to take the lift at Covent Garden and then walk to Goodge Street - about 15 minutes - or from Russel square - about the same.
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Best answer: Take 29 bus instead? It only takes a few minutes more and it's cheaper! (Source: City Mapper App)
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Best answer: No escalators are involved, I did that journey last night (in reverse) with a 30kg suitcase and just about broke my arms on the stairs. Stairs stairs stairs.
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Oh and in case you didn't already know, Goodge Street has lifts.
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What teststrip said. Happy travelling!
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! Hogshead, that app looks great but alas I have a blackberry.
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Probably too late by now but surely it makes much more sense (and will be a lot quicker) to just walk from Russell Square? You could even change at King's Cross for Warren Street. I've never understood why people blindly follow TfL routes without thinking about where the stations actually are.
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