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I need to get 4 roughly A3 sized giclée prints produced from my own digital artwork for an art show and I'm looking for a printing company in the UK. I really need them by the end of the coming week. I live in a rural area so I need somewhere that does mail order. There is a general print shop in my nearest town but I don't think they'll be able to do the quality I'll need from an ordinary print (although I could be wrong I've done this before) I've tried a couple of companies with other things but I was not happy with the quality of one and the other has still not delivered a week after their quoted turn around time. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I haven't used Art4Site but their prices are good since you'll be printing from digital, and the site features a range of very positive testimonials. I'm looking for a giclee printer myself, and they're top of my list for places to get samples from.
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diginate have great customer service, fast turnaround and are high quality. Not sure if they are the standard you require though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for those... I'd looked at Art4Site/ but they are bit out of my price range but if ever needed something tricky printing (ie lots of murky dark colours that are hard to reproduce) and I was flush then I definitely look at them again

I checked out diginate but unfortunatly their turn around time would have taken me too close to my deadline

In the end I went with these guys - Spectrum Photo - I'm really pleased with the result
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