Device to tell whether someone's entered my apartment?
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I live in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco, and have been enduring some landlord harassment of various types. (I'm paying a fortune, but rents are so high right now that even what I pay is well below market.) For my peace of mind, I'd like to install some sort of reasonably priced device to ensure that no one's entering my apartment when I'm not there. A huge bonus would be collecting evidence if it does happen.

I've read lots of suggestions such as inserting a piece of paper in the doorframe, taping a hair across, putting something behind the door every time I leave, drawing an X in lipstick on the doorknob (!?), etc., but I don't want to drive myself crazy every time I leave the house. I also don't want to spend $400 for a super-spy clock with a camera in it or whatever.

Are there any in-home security devices someone could suggest in the under-$50 range? (If it's really useful and well designed, I'd pay more.) I have wireless, so it could be Internet connected. Ideally, there would be some sort of motion-detecting-plus-short-video capability, as I don't have much interest in going through hours and hours of camera footage just in case something pops up. Or some really cheap motion detector that flips a switch or light that I can see when I come home would be good for a start as well.

Thanks so much for your help!
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Perhaps some ideas here?
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Right here:

Tenvis Security Camera

Works great for me. Motion detection sends a series of three photos via email to me, and I can access it remotely with dynamic DNS set up on my network. I highly recommend it. And, it's $1.50 under your budget. Can also do video recording and uploading.
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How about a $40 game camera?
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My Wansview net camera has the option to send an email when it detects motion. Hook it up to your Internet connection (either WiFi or wired), set up the motion detection stuff, plug it in and point it at your front door.
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drawing an X in lipstick on the doorknob (!?)

Just in case you're interested in how this would work: you'd mark it somewhere on the underside of the knob, in such a way that a person approaching or standing over it cannot easily see the mark. The way people grasp doorknobs, if someone turns the knob, they'll smudge with their palm of fingers. The trick would be to remember to check it before trying to open the door when you get home.
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Do you have a computer with a web cam that could be set up facing the door? I used iSpy, a free open source program to monitor my dog while I was at work. It can be set up to be motion or sound activated, and will only record when something is happening. You can also monitor it remotely online, although I never tried that feature.
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There are a ton of nannycams under $50, just check Amazon.
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One of the reasons I reserved a Lockitron was that I would like to know when maintenance people enter my apartment, as it seems to happen way more often than I'd like. (The other being that I hate having to deal with keys.) They have just begun to ship, though, so may take too long/be too expensive for your purposes.
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Here in the northeast U.S. I've noticed the game cameras advicepig mentions going on clearance around mid-winter in past years, so if you wait a few months you might be able to get an even more reasonable price.
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If you're going to get a webcam that detects motion, get one with IR capability (example) so you can see who it is if they are rifling through your stuff in near darkness. Costs a few bucks more but is more likely to actually work.
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iCamSource to your DropBox account. Also second the IR recommendation.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all these suggestions! I'll definitely check them out. I'm hoping not to have to leave a computer in my apartment foyer day and night, so the standalone devices sound best.
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Gosh isn't this the perfect time to leave a bucket of water atop a near-closed door like in the movies? Bet they'd never come back without permission after that embarassment
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How about a motion detector that can send you a text/email/whatever when motion occurs? You could get a Wemo Motion and use IFTTT to notify you whenever it's triggered.
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I have a foscam which emails me a picture but you can do the same with a webcam and IFTT. You might also want to leave a note stating confidently that you know he's coming in and that this is against the law. If nothing else it'll affect his peace of mind.
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Gosh isn't this the perfect time to leave a bucket of water atop a near-closed door like in the movies? Bet they'd never come back without permission after that embarassment

Worst idea ever. Landlords in SF do have the right to enter a unit in case of an emergency; if for example, there is a burst water pipe or overflowing toilet that is causing damage to a downstairs unit, it would be considered negligent if they didn't enter your apartment to address the problem.

Get a webcam if you want to catch your landlord entering your unit illegally.
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get an ip camera, connect to your wireless internet and you can monitor through your pc or connect directly from your android to see live feed
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