can i get the data from wavespectra software?
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i can save my WAV file, use wavespectra and get an FFT. this is all easy. but i want to see the data, frequnecy vs noise. is there some way to get that from wavespectra?
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What is your "data" (signal characteristics?) and what is your "noise"?

Are you trying to do SNR estimation?
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terminology problem.

the fft is showing you spectral information. some of the energy in your sample is 'noise' in the form of unwanted energy. sound is sound. what is 'noise' is subjective.

if you want the SAMPLES themselves, that's the data upon which your FFT operates. is that what you are after or are you after the numbers behind whatever display you are looking at? the values that paint the graphic?

you may want to spend some time looking at what the FFT does and then coming back and rephrasing the question to make your goal clearer.
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If you mean, you want a table of frequency vs amplitude, e.g. a CSV file of how much energy is found in each frequency bin of a given FFT decomposition, rather than a graphic representation of that same data, then your question makes perfect sense. I'm afraid I don't know Wavespectra, but that is certainly possible in MATLAB if you have access to it - or hopefully that information might help refine your search.
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thanks guys, CSV is exactly what i would like.
i dont have matlab. actually i had commissioned the work on matlab,
but now the tech cant complete the job and i cant afford another option.
thats why i was trying to get around it with a more rough but economical solution.
wavespectra is freeware but doenst have the functionality, as far as i can tell.
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This looks like it might do the job - it says "the FFT output can be recorded (exported) in various formats". I did a Google search for "freeware fft export".
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