Can I change TV's Picture Format w/o Original remote?
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I bought a Magnavox 32MF301B 32" tv, but it doesn't have its original remote. I have a programmable remote here, set it up. Changes channels, volume, mute. Anyway, I need to adjust picture format, and the manual says to do so by clicking "format" on the original remote. I have no such function on my programmable, and strangely, the on screen menu using the TV buttons is quite basic and does not include a function to change format. Is there any way to do this without buying the original remote for $40??? Am I missing something?
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My directv remote has a format button. I know this because I hit it all the time and mess up the format. Do you know anyone with directv who'd bring over their remote?
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Some programmable remotes can be matched to the TV via codes in its manual. Give a look at the manual (or search the interent for one).
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Maybe look on eBay for cheaper remotes for your TV? Most likely any Magnavox remote of a similar generation would work. I have four TVs of the same brand I bought at separate times, and their remotes are all mostly interchangeable except for some have a few extra buttons.
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Are there buttons on the unit itself that might get you into a menu that has the "Format" option?
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I have a remote I will mail you if it will work. It is for Direct DSX 5500. I do not know compatibility. Sending you MeMail.
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