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I love epic rock guitar solos. I don't like it when singers scream rather than sing. Can you help me build a Pandora station built around these two preferences?

I really don't know much about the history of rock. All I know is, when I hear a rockin' guitar solo, I think, "Wow! I really like that! I wish I could hear music like that all the time!" But, in my (paltry/sad) attempts to build a Pandora station filled with rock guitar, I've ended up with a bunch of music that is screamed at me. I really don't like screamy music.

So, any suggestions for what songs or artists would make for a good station seed?
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Brian May (Queen) and Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin) are an excellent place to start your very worthy quest.
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Some Pearl Jam would be a good fit. Try Yellow Ledbetter on and see how it feels. For that matter, Jimi Hendrix might suit you, too.
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Could you clarify some artists or songs who are screamy and some who aren't?
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I wonder what you think of Built to Spill. E.g.; e.g.
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The most guitar solo heavy to least screamy ratio music I can think of is Luna, and Stone Roses (still fuck yes), I guess shoegazey stuff is pretty good on the having some ELECTRIC GUITAR with the least screamy vocals.
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Web search J Mascis/Dinosaur Jr.
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Do you just want the guitar, even if there's no singer? Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Pete Thorn, they'll give you instrumental guitar rock with lots of soloing.

If you like more proggy metal stuff, Dream Theater's guitar player will give you the craziest guitar riffs you're likely to find, but most of their vocals are sung.

Actually, most progressive rock is going to have a lot of instrumental goodness. If you like the idea of the Beatles and Pink Floyd having a baby together, than try the first album by Transatlantic, which is a supergroup made up from members of 4 very distinguished prog rock bands. Plenty of instrumental goodness there.

One thing you might want to do is to look up the track listings for the Rock Band or Guitar Hero games, since a lot of those songs are going to have guitar soloing, and very few of them are going to have screamy vocals.
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Give this a whirl.
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Or Kansas. But yeah, check out the Guitar Hero/Rock Band game soundtracks.
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Check out Television. Epic solo begins around 4:30 mark.
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Steve Vai?
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You need Eric Johnson. This is his big hit. He sings occasionally, but is not screamy. He is all kinds of awesome.
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Gov't Mule for the win.

(The link only has a short solo. It's mostly to show Warren Hayne's voice. But he is a spectacular guitar player and The Mule specializes in extended jams.)
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What you want is the Blues!!!

You're probably familiar with BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but how about

Gary Moore
Robin Trower
Jeff Healey
Jeff Beck
Joe Bonamassa
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks everyone!

This isn't the sort of question where I can really select a best answer... I've been working through the suggestions, seeing what Pandora gives me. Right now, the station I've set up as Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Dinosaur Jr. and Steve Vai as seeds. It's working pretty well, giving me a good selection of classic rock.

This station is particularly good for me because, for about the first time in my life, I am actually learning the names of classic rock bands/songs when I hear them. I am finally getting educated in the fine history of rock!
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