Captain Planet's John Hancock?
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I have this poster of Captain Planet that I want to frame to put in my office and I am thinking of "autographing" it. However, I do not seem to find any evidence of Captain Planet being able to either read or write, despite having a great spoken vocabulary. This could be because the earth does not have its own written language or alphabet. I am thinking the best thing to do is punch a hole in the poster and then hang it. Do you have any better ideas?
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Hand/thumbprint (if you're really artistic, put the shapes of the continents in the whorls).
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Best answer: He spoke English and was formed by those kids' "powers combined". It is probably safe to assume that at least one of those kids had the power of literacy. Most likely Kwame, because he hosted "Reading Rainbow" in his spare time.
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Response by poster: Would he have a fingerprint?
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Response by poster: I'll save the punch for the Conan picture. Thanks for the answers. My co-worker has done the honors of smudging the picture just now.
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