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As an American that does not read Japanese nor has any Japanese bank accounts or credit cards, how can I order a set of these Pokémon hanafuda cards?
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You mosey on over to J-List.
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Rats, those aren't Pokemon. You could always ask Peter Payne for help on his Facebook page.
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They don't appear to be in stock, but here they are at
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Maybe inquire with your nearest Kinokuniya Bookstore?
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They don't appear to be in stock, but here they are at

That page says they are not available for order, but one can register an email address to be notified when they become available.

The reason is, as noted in big bold letters at the top of the page linked in the OP, this deck of cards will not be released for another 35 days (as of the date of this reply). They will be released on November 29. So, they can't be purchased anywhere right now.

Amazon Japan is also likely to be a challenge, even when these are released, because it only ships books, CD/DVD, and videos overseas. If you are lucky, they might decide a deck of cards is a "book", but I wouldn't count on it. Maybe some of the Japanese pop culture good stores like J-List might have them once they are released, but for now, you have to wait no matter what.
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There are a few services which will buy items from Yahoo Auctions Japan (which has the position eBay has in the West) and send them on to you for a fee. I don't know if as with auction sites here there are dealers selling 'new' items, but I can imagine Pokémon items would be readily available. When I was collecting Blythe dolls, a lot of the new releases turned up there for less than they cost via eBay dealers, and many US forum members ordered them that way.

I think you have to be a resident of Japan to set up an account on the site, but it's been some time since I checked.
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Here's one listing. If you google 'yahoo japan proxy' you should find someone who can help.
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For proxy services, I've used to order things from Yahoo Auctions Japan as well as from other online retailers that ship to Japan only.
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Response by poster: OK, I hadn't picked up that they aren't out yet. I've emailed Peter Payne, and if it looks like J-List isn't going to have it, I'll cascade through the other suggestions, which you should keep coming if you have them!
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You could always post a request for this on MeFi's own Jobs section. I'm sure someone would be happy to do it for the same fee other places charge.
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White Rabbit Express offers a personalized shopping service. They can buy them and ship them to you.
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I have used White Rabbit Express to import candy items from Japan and was impressed.
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