Who is this guy?
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Who is this person? I have glossy stickers of this face on surfaces all over New York city. Who is he?
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Looks like Rosey Grier to me.
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I'm going to second Rosey Grier.

More info than anyone needs -- I just got a copy of his macramé-for-men book from the 1970s for my husband as a gift. Also sang, "It's alright to cry," on, "Free to Be You and Me." You could say we are fans.
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Response by poster: If it were rosey grier, doesn't it seem that I would be able to find that image by Google Image Searching his name? That guy looks more South Asian to me than Rosey Grier. Other suggestions welcome.
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i don't know who it is, but it isn't rosey grier. the teeth aren't the same.
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Yeah, I have the Rosey Grier book, too, and that's not him.

Are we sure that's not just some random guy who's being pranked?
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Rosie Grier is like eighty years old. The guy in that photo is say 30? A 50 year old photo of Roosevelt Grier I guessing would have more of an afro?
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That is NOT Rosy Grier at any age. Doesnt really even look that much like him.
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Oh, God, I just saw this posted on Facebook this morning, but damned if I can remember where (and I'm not paging all the way back to look). some sort of viral.
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