Need a Friday Night Lights-esque song for middle school broadcast intro
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My middle school students produce a broadcast news show. For the intro/titles, we need help coming up with a song to use. Songs we like have minimal vocals, maybe slightly downbeat at first and then pick up in tempo-- almost slightly wistful but upbeat in nature. Two examples inside.

My students and I are obsessed with this intro from MHS1 (starts 10 seconds in) and I also thought of the intro to Friday Night Lights.

We're getting the proper licensing (PROs—ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC), but royalty-free is obviously great too. My students actually like the two examples above because people don't know the songs, so obscure is fine.

54 middle schoolers thank you for your suggestions! And I do too.
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Very similar to Explosions in the Sky (the FNL intro band) I'd give a strong recommendation to Irish instrumental rock band God is an Astronaut.
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Firekites is up that alley.
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I think I get what you're going for. Check out Sun Glitters, Slow Magic (song kicks in at :30), Baths, and The Album Leaf.

Let me know if this is in the right direction and I'll try and dig up more.
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Also another band that comes to mind is El Ten Eleven. They do a great job at the "upbeat/wistful" instrumentals in the same vein as Explosions in the Sky, though less epic/cathartic and a little more poppy. Definitely worth a shot:

El Ten Eleven - My Only Swerving
El Ten Eleven - I Like Van Halen
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I don't know what your budget it, but the music selections on are great. They have tons of songs with all sorts of different feelings, moods, etc. They usually run about $50 and are royalty-free.
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Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, or if they're too overused, but those clips sort of reminded me of these:

Penguin Cafe Orchestra--Perpetuum Mobile and Music For a Found Harmonium

The Cinematic Orchestra--To Build A Home (featuring Patrick Watson) and Arrival of the Birds
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El Ten Eleven
Signal Hill
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American Football
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Response by poster: Yesss-- these suggestions are right on track! I'm realizing I should've discovered all of these bands long ago because I'm now listening to all of these on repeat, so thanks for all my new listens too.

I'll update when my students pick a song, but feel free to provide additional suggestions. Thanks!
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Maybe something by This Will Destroy You or The Slip.
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