Help me find the name of this movie or possibly tv show?
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A friend of mine has a very hazy memory of a film or possibly tv show which she saw in the UK in the 80's. Here is the description - "It might be post apocalyptic and I seem to remember that everyone is vegetarian. There is a scene where a group of kids are camping away from the main village and they kill a rabbit (or find a dead one?) and dare one boy to eat some. He goes into a trance I think, or gets ill. There is something about monster people living in caves and they have very pale faces. There might be something about the moon in there too." Any ideas?
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My first thoughts are either the changes or Survivors, but none of them quite hit all the bases that I can see.
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Threads was a post-apocalyptic scenario show that aired in 1984. No mention of monsters though.

Or perhaps Survivors, which aired from 1975-1977, but might have been repeated in the 80s at some point?

Or The Changes, which was a kids' show? It aired first in 1975.
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Threads (as mentioned by MuffinMan) sounded right to me, except for the monsters. Is it possible he's conflating a few things?
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Response by poster: Thanks folks. She thinks that the pale people were believed to be monsters by the villagers but where just people infected with something. It was something to do with the meat.

She is now intrigued by Threads though I've warned her off. That's mighty grim viewing.
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