Children's books that include biracial families?
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Inspired by an earlier question, are there any books for young children that show families of mixed race?
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An Amazon List.


From Cynthia Leitich Smith, her suggestions.
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The Hello Goodbye Window by Norton Jester. There's a sequel whose title I'm not recalling right now. Black is Brown is Tan by Arnold Adoff.
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Best answer: How My Parents Learned to Eat is the story of a child's American father and Japanese mother, told through differences in dining customs.

More More More, Said the Baby includes illustrations of a little boy with dark brown skin and curly black hair and his grandma with fair skin and hair.

(on preview, Cynthia Leitich Smith's list includes both of these)
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Came to say The Hello Goodbye Window. Superb illustrations as well.
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Best answer: I don't see Blackout on the linked lists, probably because it is not at all the focus of the book, but the central family is biracial and the city scenes show folks of a variety of ages, colors, and gender expressions. Bonus, it's a story that our son loves to hear and we love to read.
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Norma Klein's What it's All About and Bizou.
Paula Danziger's It's an Aardvark Eat Turtle World
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Carrie and Carl Play by Lois T. Smith
We Grew It--Let's Eat It! by Justine Kenin (a friend of mine, I should say)
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Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match
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Best answer: I highly, highly recommend The Family Book by Todd Parr. I think it's so important for kids to see that families are all different sizes and colors and genders - and this book says it in such a sweet and fun way. My kids have largely outgrown it now (7 and 5), but we picked it up again recently and it prompted a discussion about kids who are adopted like one of their friends. I like to give it as a baby shower or birthday gift - every family should have one!
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Best answer: My Mom is Foreigner But Not to Me
I am Mixed
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How young? Cinnamon Baby is a picture book.
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Best answer: Sammy Goes Flying is a very sweet book about sibling rivalry-- it's about a young child who is jealous that his big siblings can do things he can't. One of his parents is white and the other is black, although the story never makes reference to it-- it's just presented as the way Sammy's family is.

(I should note that I know the author of this book, so I may be biased in liking it. But my kids loved it and went through a stage where they wanted it read every night, and they have no qualms about rejecting books even when daddy knows the author.)

Also, Everywhere Babies has just about every kind of family combination there is. This includes mixed-race parents, as well as a family where the parents are the same race as each other but a different race from their (presumably adopted) children. Again, my kids loved this book, and went through a stage of demanding it constantly.
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Sourpuss and Sweetiepie is the other Norton Juster book (we happen to have that out from the library right now!).
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