Chrome on Windows: hotkey to open a specific bookmark while in Chrome
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Is there a way to open a specific bookmark in Chrome using a hotkey (e.g., Alt-1)? I do not want to use a bookmark keyword or Windows shortcut's shortcut keys. I've found some extensions, more inside, but each has some sort of limitation.

Bookmarks Bar Keyboard Shortcuts: this extension doesn't work on the New Tab page, meaning pressing Alt-1 doesn't do anything. But if I'm already on a website and then press Alt-1, the bookmark opens in that tab.

Chrome Toolbox: this extension works as expected, but requires the bookmarks to be put into bookmark folders. Therefore, a bookmark folder for each Alt-n shortcut would be needed.

I know I'm nitpicking, but the ex-Opera user in me would like the same option. In the meantime, I've settled on Chrome Toolbox.
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Do you just need 1 such shortcut? You could set this page as your homepage, and then use Alt+Home
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Best answer: This seemed like it ought to be relatively easy to do, so I wrote an extension. It's pretty rough around the edges, I've only tried it on OSX, and it's not in the web store. If it looks like what you want, I could fix the web store problem, but the edges will probably stay rough.

It does work on the New Tab Page, though my NTP always starts with input focus on a text box, so I have to press [TAB] once to keep the box from eating the shortcut key.
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Response by poster: misterbrandt - Yeah, I'd like more than one shortcut so the homepage shortcut won't be enough.
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Response by poster: Courage is going from failure to failure - Thanks for writing the extension. Launching a bookmark with Alt+1 worked great. However, the extension's options page showed just a list without fields to let me edit anything. Can I troubleshoot it with you?
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Feel free to mail me or open issues on GitHub. I'm happy to troubleshoot or fix anything as time allows.

The options page is one of the promised rough edges. It only displays some debugging information, and doesn't have any actual options. You have to set up the shortcut keys you want to use on the chrome://extensions page by clicking the "Keyboard shortcuts" link, because Chrome doesn't actually allow extensions direct control over shortcuts.
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Response by poster: Courage is going from failure to failure - I was missing the "Keyboard shortcuts" link that you described in your last comment. After I found that, everything worked as expected.

If I can make a feature request (read nitpick), is it possible to have a shortcut launch in the current tab rather than a new tab? I understand multiple shortcuts launched with one trigger would require multiple tabs, but maybe something like having the first shortcut launch in the current tab.

Either way, I have to thank you for this extension. It's fantastic. You should package it and put it on the Chrome web store.
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