Women's loose/flowing tank tops needed!
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I'm looking for loose women's tank tops that are work appropriate, help me find them! Special snowflake details below.

I'm looking for women's tank tops I can wear at work underneath a blazer, an open front jacket, or a shrug/open front sweater of some kind. I'd like them to be loose rather than clingy around the middle like the standard camisoles I see at Old Navy, Nordstrom, etc.

Other requirements:
-Standard size armholes that don't hang half way down my sides
-Not sheer/see-through
-Thick enough that I don't need to layer multiples
-Neckline that's not too low

-Cotton or a cotton blend
-Patterns and solids are both good

All the ones I've tried on so far this season have inevitably had giant armpit holes and/or were see-through. Please help! Thanks!
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Best answer: I get these at Ann Taylor, Target, Eddie Bauer, Express.
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I bought a bunch of these L.L. Bean sleeveless shells for that exact purpose. They aren't exactly flowy, but they are not tight like a camisole.
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Best answer: I've had luck at Ann Taylor Loft. One thing to look for is bias-cut fabric, which allows for better draping. I also got a cute, comfortable tee shirt recently from Victoria's Secret. It appears they also have drapey tank tops. Also, I'm not wild about bubble hem shirts but the ones that are more like a band than a bubble facilitate some draping.
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If you don't care too much about the 'cotton' requirement, French Connection is pretty good.
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Flax -- lots of linen, perhaps not very dressy, but there's cotton and work-appropriate in there.

Possibly Tilley? Not so much with the natural fibres, but they use such good-quality fabrics that that's more acceptable than it usually is. Generally Tilley stuff wears beautifully in the face of all laundry abuses and repeated wearings, too, and doesn't need ironing; well worth the price.
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My wife suggests Coldwater Creek
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I have a bunch of tops like that, mostly from jcrew but some from banana republic.
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Also take a look at Chico's and Talbots. When I was looking for tanks last year I too was trying to avoid giant gaping armholes and too low necklines and found these two stores had what I was looking for.
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I have a couple of great tanks from Talbots that fit your criteria exactly.
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The slouchy tanks at Everlane (in the Ryan Collection) are my favorite tanks of all time, are only $20, ethically sourced, and I have them in 3 colors I love them so much. Also the fabric is insanely soft while still being opaque. They don't fall as low cut on me as they do on the model, and there is full bra coverage in the arm holes.

They sell out of their collections regularly, so I recommend buying if they are in stock.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I haven't had great luck at Target or Express, but I will start with the Loft, Talbots, and Chico's, as I can visit those in person.
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Eileen Fisher can often be good for these.
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Sorry, just saw you said cotton. EF's looser clothes are usually silk or linen, her cotton pieces tend to be more form-fitting.
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Pickwick & Weller (everything made in USA plus free shipping & returns means you get free try-on's!)
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Every Christmas & Birthday my mom buys me one from J.Jill. It is PERFECT. It isn't cotton, which would normally annoy me (and my mother) but it is still perfect.
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Maybe the sewing pattern for this flowy tank will help
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Response by poster: In case anyone comes back and reads this thread later, I've had really good luck finding tanktops at the Loft, based on the suggestions here!
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