Need recommendations to make/buy custom military-style campaign ribbons
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I help run an annual game convention in DC and I am looking for advice on acquiring some awards for people who participate in one of our tournaments. The event has a wargamming theme and I would like to give people a custom, military-style campaign ribbon for participating. I see lots of websites for ordering actual U.S. service ribbons, but does anyone know of a place that might make custom ribbons? Or suggestions for making about 30-60 of them by hand?

Something like this or this (just the small one):

Preferably with a pin on the back so people could pin it on a shirt or jacket.
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I've used this place in Arlington to get military plaques made for retiring service members. They also have coins and ribbons, and do custom work. They don't have a website, but I'm willing to bet they can do exactly what you're looking for.
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I have no idea if they are a good place, but searching around I found Maybe they can do it for you?
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It would be kind of hard to make. Getting a military guy you know to buy you a bunch and then take them apart and replace the ribbon with your own design might work, though. They cost less than a dollar each, last time I checked.
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