What is the best way to get twitter feeds in an rss reader?
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Once upon a time it was pretty easy to access twitter feeds in an rss reader. But a few months back ( in June I think ) twitter stopped supporting the rss api so now it's not so simple. What options are available for accessing twitter through rss? In the extended explanation I'll list what I have tried so far. Thanks.

tried: http://tweet-2-rss.appspot.com/
result: "Internal Server Error"

tried: http://rss4twitter.appspot.com/
result: webpage says use http://www.rssitfor.me/ "for a much faster service".

tried: http://www.rssitfor.me/
result: after long delay got "502 Bad Gateway"

tried: following instructions here - http://www.labnol.org/internet/twitter-rss-feeds/27931/
result: appears to work (thanks amit!) but probably too complicated for many.
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Try If This Then That. It recently re-added support for Twitter.
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Unfortunately the Twitter channel on IFTTT only has triggers based on your own tweets and favorites. The four triggers are:
-New tweet by you
-New tweet by you with hashtag
-New link by you
-New favorite tweet by you
so unless you can auto favorite everything in another feed, I don't think it will work. I think Twitter has done this on purpose.

I have an iPhone and have linked my twitter account to my phone (in settings, not just with the twitter app). Now with iOS7, I have a Shared Links section of my Safari bookmarks that will show me all the links that are tweeted by the accounts I follow. It is of limited use, but that is the closest I have seen to a real subscription.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jbickers and soelo,

After reading both of your answers I decided to try If This Then That (IFTTT) for myself. I don't doubt that soelo's comments are correct but I didn't even get that far. IFTTT wanted more access to my twitter account than I am willing to to give out and more than seemed necessary for what I want to do.
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Response by poster: I created a new twitter account to try out IFTTT. What soelo says is correct. Moreover, IFTTT doesn't appear to create a general purpose rss feed - it just gives you a way to channel your tweets into an action. One of the available actions is feedly.com so if that's your rss reader then you're in good shape but not otherwise.

So far, the best option appears to be the labnol.org recipie here:

As I said before, it seems to work - I've been using it for a day or so now - but it's a little complicated and requires a google account.
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